Hook, Line, Murder


Detective Steve Morgan finds a body in the water when out fishing. Further investigation leads Steve to believe the woman in the water has been murdered by asphyxiation - which means a killer is on the loose, and the dead woman might not be his only victim… 

Whitney is a single mom who works at the lodge where Steve is staying, and unwillingly gets involved in the investigation as the murderer sets his sights on her. 

Set in a typical sleepy resort town, the book has a rather claustrophobic feel to it, which works for detective thrillers. The chapters switch from Steve’s point of view to Whitney’s. The writing is fast-paced, and the plot moves swiftly from one twist to another until the big reveal. The romance is pleasant, but predictable. Steve and Whitney do have a lot in common, and it’s not all physical chemistry and attraction – emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, they have a lot of similarities and they’re a good match all the way around. The way Steve handles Whitney’s daughter, Kylie, how he talks to her, behaves around her, is adorable, and it’s obvious he cares a great deal, not just about Whitney but about her daughter too. An intriguing, fast-paced edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense novel! 

Majanka Verstraete