Honor And Duty (Federal K-9 Book 6)

Kade Sampson got an unexpected call from his brother Josh who’s a bank manager in New Jersey. Josh is the numbers guy in the family, much like their father. Kade on the other hand went into law enforcement. Both brothers are West Point Graduates, always rivals and competitive. Josh’s sudden request has Kade curious. While heading up the elevator, Kade literally runs into a very beautiful woman. Once on the elevator, it stalls out between floors, and he and Laia have uninterrupted opportunity to get to know one another and learn they have much in common. Much to Kade’s disappointment, he learns that Laia is soon to be his sister in law. When Laia calls years later asking for help, Kade and his K-9, Smoke, jump in to protect her and his niece from Cartel chaos.
Ms. O’Fallon has created a fast paced, action filled story where one bad decision has a ripple effect and changes the course for many! The family dynamic has an interesting twist and the untold feelings, buried for years, is an endearing theme for “Honor and Duty”. The secrets that are revealed makes for high stakes drama and requires strength and much forgiveness. When Kade, a Homeland Security officer, walks a thin line between breaking the law, he earns his hero cape to take on the role as protector. The supporting characters from Kade’s past all acting as loyal brothers to the cause is swoon worthy, and those who appreciate the military genre will love this tale - and the entire series. This stands alone, but readers add the series to your favorites list!
Viola Robbins