Hold On!


Belinda Reese was on her way out of the office when terrorists burst into the building and began shooting. Barely escaping discovery, she is rescued by handsome soldier Brandon Drake, and spirited away in an experimental test aircraft to his hidden cabin in the Aspen Mountains. To her surprise, Belinda finds that she cannot simply return home; Brandon is on the run from the government, and a rogue cell within it is attacking their own country. In order to prevent more attacks and to expose the terrorist conspiracy, Brandon and Belinda must trust each other and their budding love to save their country. But, as they do, theyll discover that this conspiracy is more complex than they thought, with hidden consequences for Brandon.


An action movie in written form, Hold On!is nonstop running, hiding, fighting, with romance thrown in. Twists abound and the conspiracy never stops building. Some questions are answered while a few others are left to be cleared up in the sequel without leaving the reader feeling cheated. The main characters are complex in their history and hold their own in the book. The downside?  There is little character growth and the romance between them is almost instant due to the nature of their meeting. Also, the absolute lack of any person in any form of authority being portrayed as a good or even decent person seems to take the conspiracy a bit far. However, readers wanting high action with some steamy romance will enjoy this one.


Sarah E. Bradley