HOA Wire (Brent Marks Legal Thrillers #3)


There has been a murder in Goleta, CA and most of the neighbors and residents within the Orange Grove town home complex are suspects. Barbara Densmore was the HOA (home owners association) president and loved to hand out violations where ever she saw fit. Needless to say, no one in the complex was fond of her. This makes the investigation difficult to narrow down a list of suspects with enough motives to actually commit murder. Brent Marks is the attorney hired to represent the lead suspect, Nancy, who has been foreclosed on since she has been delinquent in paying her HOA dues. 

Can Brent prove her innocent and can his private investigator dig up any dirt to point the finger at the real killer before the trial? 


Mr. Eade has done a large amount of research for this book on HOA’s and how they work, including the board members and frivolous violations that are often issued. The legal jargon and the court trial were technical yet precise. There are many characters to track, each introduced to show cause of potential suspects and all are tied well to the plot. The geographical details were also accurate and painted great visuals for readers. There are some editing errors but easy enough to skip over and not affect the total book. This is part of series, however totally stands on its own. It’s a great murder mystery, possibly predictable for some and yet a lot of activity getting to the truth of the case will keep readers actively engaged in the story.

Viola Robins