The Hitman’s Mistake: Love Thrives in Emma Springs, book 1


After losing her entire family in a tragic, violent incident, Miranda Whitley has finally started to get her life back together… until she finds herself saving a prominent Seattle judge from assassination. Now she has a price on her head and only one long shot of staying alive.

All career-minded FBI agent Grant Morely expected was a few boring days in Emma Springs helping his family out. Meeting the woman he’d had one brief, flirtatious encounter with alone, in the woods, with a bullet wound in her side was not part of the plan. His attraction to Miranda is intense – but can he trust her? Even as their budding romance reaches the boiling point, their lives are in danger. The hitman who missed the judge wants Miranda, and he is willing to do anything to shut her up for good.

“The Hitman’s Mistake” is a fast-paced romantic adventure set in Montana’s rugged mountain range. Ms. Brandle’s prose captures the old western feel of the landscape even as her characters struggle with modern-day dangers. Unfortunately, there are a few too many plot twists, an awkward narrative, and the romance lurches in stops-and-starts. The reasons that keep the two characters apart grow more and more implausible as the story progresses and the villains are undeveloped. In turn, the main characters and their sidekicks are loveable and relatable. Anyone looking for a refreshing story full of danger and romance will find this a likeable alternative.

Janice Martin