A History in Blood (The Blood Trilogy #1)


PARANORMAL:  Julian Brownell is in a vampire slump. Being a two thousand year-old vamp must have its psychological downside. When his wife decides the marriage is stale, and she kicks his butt to the curb, he’s got nowhere to go. Finding his vampire self again seems logical. Responsible kills, sensual trysts and redemption by helping young vamps find their way is the tickertape running through Julian’s soul. His plight is not only about being dumped by a human wife. Suspense coils tight when savage vampire hunters with thick hatred and one end, target Julian’s kind.

Think paranormal literature and excellent storytelling doesn’t exist? Well, it does now! When this book catches on, it’ll fly faster than flame on gasoline... or a two thousand year old vampire. This is a paranormal tale for adults. Readers will gasp with laughter at the dry, intelligent wit of the main character. Julian’s been in a hundred year depression, the last fifteen of them married to a human. Here’s the kicker, though,  “A History in Blood” is written in first person point of view, but from several key characters.  Now, don’t going running in the other direction! Dr. DeFazio is a master at this! 

From setting scenes in Boston, New Orleans, and Montreal, the author keeps the reader on course and engaged completely right up to the action packed end. The secondary characters are perfectly delivered. The culture, hidden world and physiology of vampires are written with superb talent. This is an absolutely outstanding read for a first book in a series, the type of novel that should roll on to the silver screen!

Natasza Waters