On His Watch


Nikki Hart is a loving mom of two children and a third on the way. Her husband is the doctor at the local clinic in a small northern California town where there’s not much crime activity. Until the night that a violent attack takes place at the Hart home. The officer on call takes his time since he feels like it's another “butt call” on someone’s cell phone since there is no one speaking. Upon his arrival, he realizes his delay may have cost this family dearly. The blood bath he sees takes him to another time and place of another loss in his life and he swears that he will protect this family or who is left of it until the suspects are brought to justice. 


Ms. Matthews has a great plot with “On His Watch”. The suspense and mystery of this  ‘who done it’ is fabulous. Readers will be trying to figure it out and never guess until the very end. The plot is creative and fluid. The hero and his guilt are well played out. The heroine is a true survivor and fighter that shows how the human spirit can prevail through much tragedy. This gripping tale will take readers on a roller coaster of emotions all the way to the very end. Sensitive and painful issues will tug at readers' heartstrings, the romance is a bonus. Readers should add Ms. Matthews to their favorites as long as all her works are as stellar as this one.


Julie Caicco