On His Six – Away from Keyboard #3

Patricia D.

Ryker McCabe, a Special Forces leader, escaped a hellish Taliban prison, but was forced to leave his friend Dax to be tortured and blinded by their captors before he could assist another squad with his rescue.  Haunted with guilt, Ryker travels across country to Boston to try and make peace. Wren Kane is a computer hacker working for Dax’s security firm, requesting his help to keep a dangerous promise made by her dead brother. Both of them reeling from Dax’s harsh rejection, Wren and Ryker collide into each other’s life. After thwarting Wren’s attempted kidnapping by henchmen sent by Kolya, a Russian drug lord she suspects had something to do with her brother’s death, Ryker feels compelled to help in her dangerous quest to rescue two of Dax’s friends from Kolya. 

From the beginning horrors of being tortured to the heartbreaking loss of a loved one, and then the gut-wrenching feelings of rejection, readers find themselves holding their breath many times during this stand-alone installment of Patricia Eddy’s Away from Keyboard series. Ms. Eddy creates a dark, sensual, action-packed story of a world of intrigue and danger with characters that have insecurities, flaws, strengths, and a deep attraction to each other. She manages to make the repulsive world of drugs and sex trafficking feel so real readers will want to shower to remove the stench. The sexual escapades are exquisitely erotic without being graphic. The plot is a heart-pounding thrill ride so intense it will make you dizzy.  New fans of Ms. Eddy will want the previous two books and will wait with bated breath for the future installments!

Tonya Mathenia