HIS Return (HIS #3)


Jesse Cavanaugh had nothing to live for until the Hamilton family took him in and raised him as one of their own.  That’s why he could never act on his feelings for their beautiful daughter Emily - even if she was doing everything she could to make it otherwise.  Everything ends horrendously, though, when Jake wakes up to find Emily in his bed and his best friend/brother raging at him to get out and never show his face again.  Destroyed and confused, Jesse leaves and accepts a dangerous job that will change his life.


Four years later, he’s back to fight for Emily, who he should have had all along. Emily was also devastated that fateful day and refuses to let him back into her life.  There are darker things afoot; however, as Emily inadvertently uncovers secrets that could destroy her and everyone she loves.  As the danger escalates, both must decide who to trust and if the results will be worth it.


Wow!  Can Ms. Kell tell a great story!  Packed with emotion, this romantic suspense focuses first on the relationship between Jesse and Emily.  Broken yet deeply held, the love and heartache almost jumps off the pages.  The suspense aspect is a bit underdeveloped and the scheme behind it is very vague, making it hard to really understand the motivations.  There are also small but significant threads left hanging (Dad’s affair? The best friend is dating... etc.)  But for pure emotion mixed with a few tears and ultimately sighs and satisfaction, this one is definitely a winner!


Ruth Lynn Ritter