HIS Choice (An H.I.S. Novel Book 2)


Meagan is an investigative reporter who has stumbled upon material for a series of stories that will make her career. A.J. is a hitman for The Magic Shop, the name of a conglomerate that has interests in prison breaks, drug dealing, and prostitution. Their paths cross when A.J. is sent to give her a message to lay off the stories about The Magic Shop before she gets killed. She refuses, and next thing she knows she is in A.J.'s protective custody! From that first meeting, there is electricity sparking between them and both of them want to that explore further. Meagan is falling in love with this criminal, but will he ever be able to reciprocate those feelings? Or is he just a cold-blooded killer?

This is an exciting cloak and dagger piece, and the action starts right at the beginning! The constant sexual tension between Meagan and A.J. is delectable and can be felt throughout the novel. There are many complicated plot twists that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. What hurts the novel is the fact that there are quite a few editing issues that should have been caught before publication, such as extra words in sentences. Each of the characters has their own individual character flaws which help to bring them to life as a believable person. The emotions of the different personalities are played well from the men in The Magic Shop to the U.S. Marshals and the F.B.I.

"HIS Choice" is second in a series, and while it always helps to have read the first novel, author Sheila Kell has created a stand alone entry that will have readers wanting more!

Belinda Wilson