High Edges (Sinners of Old Creek Book 3)


Loni Mele, a night-school teacher at a community college, encounters a stranger in the parking lot after class one night, who supposedly needs help jump-starting his car. In reality, FBI Agent Mitchell Bateman is using that ruse to connect with Loni, who he believes is the answer to helping him forget the thoughts that haunt him about his partner’s suicide. With the ability to read other’s minds, he knows that Loni is attracted to him. However, what starts out as harmless, no-commitment sex quickly becomes complicated when Loni finds she is pregnant and Mitch’s enemy is determined to kill them both.  


This steamy romantic suspense drags a bit in the beginning but soon picks up speed and takes the reader on a thrilling ride filled with capricious characters, steamy romance, sizzling sexual tension, and hard-edged danger. Even though the first half of the book focuses primarily on the sex between the protagonists, this is not a lighthearted read by any means. With dark areas and arrant dialogue, this tale becomes gritty and arduous with a desperate villain who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.


The characters are engaging, but the mid-scenic changing POVs and numerous editing issues, which are prevalent throughout the book, impede the smooth flow of the story, causing one to reread the scenes. Despite these issues, the plot is gripping with enough danger to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. With the correction of the hindering obstructions, this novel has the makings of a great, romantic suspense.


Janna Shay