The Hidden Light of Mexico City


Luz de Maria Alba Mora is a live-in maid and considered from the lower class. She is just getting by, and the responsibility of feeding her family keeps her pushing forward , even though her dream is to become a painter. Everything changes the day she meets Eddo Cortez Castillo,  an attorney working to bring down the drug cartel and expose the Minister for Public Safety, Hugo de la Madrid Acosta.  He mistakes Luz for a student at the university and they begin to fall in love. Knowing they could never be accepted by society, she backs out, however not before she is taken by the enemy as hostage and beaten to get to Eddo.  She escapes and realizes her life with Eddo would be full of this type of danger.  With the forces working against them can love be enough to secure safety and happiness?

 Within minutes of reading the opening pages of this story, the reader is completely taken away and wrapped completely in the heart of Mexico City and its culture.  The cornucopia of characters and their sub-stories are painted  beautifully with layers of depth. Experiences are real and vividly shared with the reader. Moments between Luz and Eddo show a lot of personality and heart, almost freezing time when they are together in a magically splendid way. The peek into the classes and drug world are both captivating and thrilling. This is a very heavy story, a tad long and occasionally predictable but with a moral lesson combined in a wonderful Cinderella-type love story.


 Margaret Faria