Hidden Hearts (HEARTS Series Book 1)


The HEARTS Agency is a group of extraordinary women who are private investigators. They look into everything from cheating husbands to missing persons. The leader, Holly Austen has been working on a missing person case for too long. Too long for there to be a positive result, and the police have come to a dead-end. But Holly won’t give up. The case gets even more complicated when Detective Jack Tarek brings another missing person case to Holly. This woman’s disappearance is eerily similar to her first case. He can’t investigate because his mother was friends with the victim. Could the cases be connected? Holly is frustrated because she isn’t getting a break in the case, and even more frustrated that she is distracted by Jack. They need to work together, but danger lurks around every corner. 

Mystery, suspense, and steamy romance...who could ask for more! The mystery around the missing women is beautifully crafted! There are twists and turns and the ending is not predictable. There are moments when there is a genuine concern for the characters which keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The only issue is the characters: they are so argumentative. Too many times they argue over nothing, and they constantly overreact when speaking to one another. It can be frustrating to read throughout the story. However, they do have chemistry, and their love scenes together are spicy! The scenes did seem a little abrupt and the passion between them came on very quickly. All the same, if readers are looking for a little romantic mystery to warm up their evening, this is it!

Amanda Hupe