Hell or High Water (Lost and Found, Inc. #1)


Kaycie Miller, a child protection officer from Dallas, finds herself in need of assistance when a case goes seriously wrong.  The only remaining witness to a human trafficking ring, she escaped one abduction attempt and has no desire to repeat the experience.  A bodyguard is the only solution and former SEAL Nate Wolfe is the only one who can keep her safe.  He's already broken her heart once, and this is another experience Kay refuses to repeat.  

Nate is back in Dallas to reunite the "Wolfe Pack", as Kay called them back in college.  All friends, all trained agents from different branches of the military, they have formed a security company.  When Tyrell tells him about the danger Kay is in, he cannot stay away.  

Will Nick be able to hunt down the one responsible when Kay is the one that goes missing?

Ms. Alexander sure knows how to build the suspense and drama! With descriptions of that  paint such a vivid picture and a plot that is surprising and keeps readers guessing what will happen next and to whom, this story is a winner!  The characters are enjoyable and have a natural way of expressing the long-time loyal friendship they share. The story and situations are a crazy rollercoaster ride yet succeed in remaining very convincing. The details used to describe the various scenes are a bit graphic, but makes it all the more believable.  The military references and the bonds revealed throughout their experiences add to this enjoyable adventure.  The steamy romance with a hunky retired SEAL is an added bonus!

Julie Caicco