Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Meagan is an investigative reporter who has stumbled upon material for a series of stories that will make her career. A.J. is a hitman for The Magic Shop, the name of a conglomerate that has interests in prison breaks, drug dealing, and prostitution. Their paths cross when A.J. is sent to give her a message to lay off the stories about The Magic Shop before she gets killed.

Confess, The Blue Line, #1

When a dormant serial killer suddenly begins killing again in Rebel Rapids after a lull of 13 years, Nashville Detective Mitch Kilpatrick decides to investigate despite orders to stay away from the cases. While hunting the killer Mitch meets Lacy Andrews, the daughter of the police chief.

One Simple Favour

It was meant to be a simple pick up at the bus station. Tricia Pilgrim could never have imagined what was in store for her when she agreed to collect her twice-removed third cousin-in-law named Mike from the bus station.

In the midst of the Ukrainian civil war, Seth Rogan finds himself involuntarily becoming a spy to search for his missing girlfriend, Natalia Andropova.

The Prince of Solana

Even while exiled, Prince Andre Peralta still maintains all the perks of spoiled royalty. Until his family is brutally murdered, however. Now with a bounty on his head as the only remaining member of the monarchy, he is forced into hiding.