Heartland (Black Irish #2)


Life couldn’t be better for Abbey. She’s finally married to Sloan, their first baby is on the way, they’re getting a house in her hometown of Mount Vernon, and Sloan’s business is doing better than ever. So why is it, when everything is going so great, fate seems to suddenly take a turn for the worse?


Now it all seems to be in a downward spiral. Abbey keeps running into the tormentors of her past who seem bent on stealing her man, her ex suddenly surfaces, and her new home is empty because when business is going great, it means Sloan is always gone. This is not her idea of a happily ever after.


“Heartland” is the second in a series and, in most cases, does fine standing on its own. The secondary love stories and their characters are vivid and entertaining and the conflict in the story keeps a very nice pace going. Sloan, his Irish brogue, and knight in shining armor chivalry are absolutely swoon-worthy but Abbey’s total lack of spine leaves one wondering what his draw is to her. It’s fun to see how Sloan will rescue her, but it would have been nice to see this damsel in distress find the courage to rescue herself once in a while. Come on Abbey, show some moxie, girl! We know you have it in you!


Sofia St. Angeles