Happily Never After


A woman wanting to regain her independence. A man wanting to protect her. A stalker intent on killing her.


Assistant District Attorney Kelsey Brakston suffers from PTSD. It has become so bad that she has had to leave her job and move to California, where her brother has offered her a job. It is more than enough for Kelsey to come to grips with her condition and the panic attacks that accompany it, but then former SWAT Bode Taggert enters the picture, an unwanted attraction Kelsey would rather do without.


Bode also has his own demons to slay. To put his life back on track, he accepts a job in the town Kelsey has moved to and cannot stop the way he feels for the sexy lawyer. His protective instincts come to the fore when there are three attempts on Kelsey’s life.


Readers may assume this is a simple love story, but Ms. George deftly incorporates each character's backstory into the plot without the feared "info dumping". For instance, who would have thought that the tough-talking, sexy lawyer was just like any girl next door, and could shoot hoops that would give any NBA player a run for their money? Then the twist. Readers may not see it coming. There is a red herring that will make one say, “Why didn’t I realize that?” All in all an exciting, thrilling, and sexy read!


M.P. Ceja