Hand Prints on the Wall


Archeologist Ella Pierce is working on a dig in San Rafael Swell, Utah, under her former professor, Dr. Zach Moore.  Although the work is fascinating, and she longs to make a great discovery, spending her days with Zach is just as exciting.  One day when she is out alone, she finds herself trapped in a cave with a dead body.  Ella knows she must do all she can to get out alive and solve the mystery of who the dead man is.  What she does not know is getting out of the cave alive is just the beginning of the fight for her heart, and for her life.  

For those who enjoy a mystery with a "take charge" heroine and beautiful setting, ‘”Hand Prints on the Wall” is a book they may want to pick up.  The book starts with an intense, life or death situation, but without much context, it keeps one from investing in this otherwise interesting scene.  Throughout the rest of the book, important background information is eventually given, however once these details are shared it may be too late for some readers to form a real connection to the characters and story.  Although the concept is interesting, the execution is clunky and needs refinement.  The description of the location will transport readers to the deserts and the canyons of Utah, with its beauty and dangers coming off the page. 

Amy Cefoldo