All Mortimer Angel wants to do is shed the skin of his previous incarnation as a disaffected IRS field agent, and begin his exciting new life as a Private Investigator. Full of fanciful ideas and preconceived notions of what being a P.I. means, Mort soon finds himself in the thick of an ongoing mystery involving the missing mayor and the D.A. of Reno, NV. As the dead start cropping up all around him, and a naked blonde shows up out of nowhere, his new life is turning out to be almost too much for this gumshoe to handle! Will Mort be able to use his newly acquired detective skills to  solve this case? Or will Mort's P.I. days be over before they truly begin?

Rob Leininger has spun an electrifying suspense novel, full of twists and turns! Mortimer Angel is the shining gem in this tale. His rapier wit and tongue-in-cheek manner are an ongoing source of amusement. Likeable characters, crisp dialogue, and an intriguing storyline add up to a flawless execution of this hardboiled thriller. Mr. Leininger does a masterful job of intensifying that "pins and needles" feeling that will have one on the edge of their seat right up until the very end! "Gumshoe" is a standout novel with a finale that will leave the reader stunned and eagerly awaiting the next effort from the talented Mr. Leininger.

Chantel Hardge