Guiding Fate


Single mom Melanie Woodside has been on her own since before her son was born. Divorced and left behind while pregnant by her ex-husband Malcolm, she’s managed to carve out a quaint, comfortable, and routine life - until he makes an unannounced appearance professing his love and begging for a second chance. Fresh out of the Marine Corps, and struggling with the mental scars of war, Will Everton is called home by his great aunt to house sit while she recovers from surgery. After an awkward first meeting with Melanie the two become fast friends. Wanting to keep Melanie safe, he denies the internal sparks that she ignites and attempts to maintain his distance. As the two battle their own demons, will they find solace in the fate that brought them together?


Readers enjoying first person and dual points of view will love this candid read! Furthermore, readers looking for a fast-paced, romantic read will devour the pages. However, those looking for more substance and character development may find themselves disappointed. One will take great enjoyment in the display of banter which makes for a fun and entertaining read. The author also exhibits great refinement as she transports one back in time by painting vivid and vibrant imagery of combat related flashbacks. Additionally readers will find an abrupt ending, that is later finalized in the epilogue which some may feel presents a cliché ending. Reader’s looking to quench their thirst with a light summer read will devour Will and Melanie’s love for one another!


Stephanie Lodes