Sheryl Ilene Newcomb (or S.I.N., as she likes to point out) is being hunted. Born to take on a battle that has been waged for centuries, Sheryl had originally forgotten her first experiences with the mythical creature that stalked her and her family. As corpses turn up, Sheryl must learn the truth. She recounts the events that led to her eventual transformation into a skin walker, the deaths of many people in town and the battle with an evil skin walker that resulted.

A fast paced adventure, “Growl” combines the paranormal with mystery and mythology. Based in a small Mississippi town with ancient Native American legends, Sheryl and her family run a diner where all the local news ends up. In terms of plot and writing style, the beginning is very confusing as the first two chapters are actually set in the future after which the main character reverts to the past to show how she ended up that way. The mythology behind the skin walkers is intriguing but leaves some questions. On the other hand, the tragedy Sheryl faces as many people she knows and cares about are killed results in a real tear jerker. The ending itself wraps everything up but may not be the perfect happily ever after some readers prefer. Lovers of shifter stories, however, will enjoy this new spin on the genre.

Sarah E. Bradley