The Green-Eyed Doll

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Two lonely people meet at a routine traffic stop; a woman with a sad, violent past, and a man on the good side of the law.  Add a crazed serial killer to the mix, and you have the makings for a gripping romantic suspense read!
Catherine McCoy has wound up in Butte Crest looking for a place to hide from her past.  The first person she meets is sexy Sheriff Matt Ballard; and it isn’t long before sparks start to fly. Matt is investigating a serial crime, a murderer who paints his victims up like porcelain dolls after he kills them.  These are women who all have green eyes, just as his new girlfriend Catherine does.  What follows is a thrilling investigation into a heinous crime; as well as the beginnings of a tender, sensual love story.   The story is told from three different viewpoints; Matt’s, Catherine’s, and the serial killer’s.
This was a very nice, solid debut novel that hooks the reader quickly; a story that combines an investigation into grisly serial murders and a charming love story.  The serial killer plot-line was sound, if not a very original trope in romantic suspense. The author kept the story fresh and lively, and moving along at a swift pace.  She did an excellent job in developing and unfolding Matt and Catherine’s personal relationship. There were a few too many subplots going; these side stories tended to detract from the action of the main storyline.  Still, it was a enjoyable story, however; one that any reader of good romantic suspense would be pleased with.
Faith Turner