The Goodbye Man


Jack Steel is or was a cop, a CSI and now a self appointed vigilante of justice. Bad guys that the cops can't find are findable for Jack and his shepherd, Sadie.  At sixty, Jack is a retired widower and, while he lacks the speed of a younger man, Sadie fills the gap as a very able partner in his hunting sprees. Jack's vendetta to bring one vicious child predator to justice leads to more predators that need that same brand. Jack's "work" of killing can't go unnoticed, however, and eventually attracts attention in the highest circles.  
Chad Barton's story is fast paced and an engaging read if the reader can look past the need for standardized text and uniform formatting. One finds missing punctuation and double punctuation, with dialogue between characters all slapped into one paragraph. The reader is also jarred by the semi constant head hopping that even includes the canine's thoughts, as well as the whole of the police force as a single entity.
The flashbacks are many and feel disjointed at first. Jack often reflects on the good cops, yet he accomplishes what the cops can't. There is even a character that changes sexes within the body of a single paragraph. There are also believability issues such as the seemingly unending source of funds to pay for the private jet hops from NYC and Florida.  If all these technical difficulties can be overlooked, the fast pace just may be enough for readers to enjoy.
Erin Murdock