Good Deed

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Scottish Detective, DI Ronnie Buchanan, is investigating the murder of one young woman when her roommate is found dead and all leads point to drugs.  This investigation takes Buchanan from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and other cities, all in the pursuit of  a criminal known as Vince. Buchanan may be a seasoned investigator, but this case is one that he will have to work extra hard to solve. 
Vince is known in the drug world as a man you don’t want to cross. He has made a name for himself and lives by it. So, When things go wrong with a drug delivery, his world suddenly changes from secure to one crazy roller coaster ride. But, This could all work in his favor if he can just clear a few obstacles, one being DI Buchanan.
New author Steve Christie has delivered a thrilling, fast-paced read! Taking place in Scotland, this crime novel is exquisitely written, with details that are rich and  textured.  The plot is filled to the brim with suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats, biting their nails and turning pages. With characters so intriguing, it’s impossible to pick a favorite! This is an energetic read that guarantees satisfaction.

Melody Prat