Gone Tropical


Amy Helm has a chip on her shoulder and a point to prove. Her mission?  To hunt down her ex-husband, Steven, who embezzled five million dollars from her father.  When she discovers he is in Australia she jets to Sydney, only to find that her father has hired a private investigator named Jake Turner to hunt Steven down.

P.I. Jake Turner  is on a mission to find the money and keep Amy out of harm's way, but when he sets eyes on her she sets his hormones raging instead!  They travel to a resort in the far wilds of Australia to find Steven and trap him.  What they discover first is an incredible attraction to each other.

This story grabs the reader from the first page! What follows is a tale of action, intrigue, and danger of epic proportions. Robena Grant has penned a fast-paced novel with a love story interwoven throughout. The reader is transported to the rainforest of Australia and gets a taste of the culture through the local slang that is scattered within the piece. The reader is introduced to an inhabitant of the jungle and also learns about the danger that can be lurking even in the most serene surroundings. The characters are tough, yet believable. "Gone Tropical" is a beautifully written book and leaves the reader wanting more!

Belinda Wilson