Going Once, Going Twice, Dead (Denver Homicide Series Book 1)


Detective Dane Reynolds prides himself on being a confirmed bachelor and a limited risk taker. That is, until he meets Simone Preston. Who knew ‘art’ could be so thrilling? When Simone’s art piece is uncovered with a dead body attached to it, Dane and Simone meet - and it is like fireworks going off. Dane is determined to find the murderer, even if that means giving up his police badge. When Simone’s attorney and friend Phillip shows up to ‘protect’ Simone from a murder charge, it seems like all bets are off. 


“Going Once, Going Twice, Dead” is a fast-paced thriller. It will keep the reader on the edge of their seat and make them so hot they might sweat! Ms. Drennen weaves a tale so intricately full of mystery, intrigue, and love that readers may find it difficult to put it down before they reach that last page. Simone and Dane’s love affair mirrors most women’s dream of being cherished to the full extent by the man of their dreams. The conclusion of “Going Once…” may leave the reader stunned and in awe of Ms. Drennen’s writing skills. The twists and turns in the book leave the reader wanting more and Ms. Drennen is on a mission to provide that want and so much more! Four and a half stars go to the intricate weaving and only the lack of sufficient background for some of the characters relieves the book of half a star. 

Mary-Nancy Smith