Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Captain Jack Ryder

HISTORICAL:  Captain Jack Ryder and his best friend, Harry Feather, meet at the funeral for Jack’s father, the duke. Because Jack, an illegitimate son, is not really accepted by his father’s family, he decides to travel for adventure. He stops at an inn where he meets Lord and Lady Butterstone and their daughter, Lady Ashley.

Becker Circle 


Gillian is making a new start in Texas. Leaving her abusive boyfriend behind, she gets a job in a bar in Becker Circle in order to meet new people and help pay the bills until she passes her CPA exams. A new life means new rules; rules she’s making up as she goes along. A murder and a potential new love complicate matters for Gillian.

Death on the Vine
L. Lee

As a senior in high school, Daisy Murphy helps her mother conceal the murder of her step-father.  That night, her mother skips town and leaves Daisy on her own.

Lillian Beaumont is following her dream as an artist and working in an art gallery, rather than work in the family business. However, odd things start happening. First, her tires get slashed and then someone is purposely trying to sabotage her art shows. Her protective brother enlists the help of his fellow police officer and friend, Rafael Delgado.

Laurel Thorne has been happily married to her husband Boyd for twenty years… until he forgets their wedding anniversary. To make matters worse, Boyd is apparently tied up at dinner with a client, Meredith Baxter, but the pictures sent by an anonymous source to Laurel paint a different story.