God Whisperer


INSPIRATIONAL:  Lonnie Hogan is on the run with her son, terrified that any day the killers after her baby will find them. Hiding in a small Danish community Lonnie thinks they might be safe until strange things begin happening with her son. Mark Norton is a doctor, desperate to find his family and unable to determine why they disappeared in the first place. David Hogan is a normal kid who loves his mom but isn’t thrilled about being born with only one ear, until a reconstructive surgery to give him a second ear also allows him to hear God. Each person thinks they know what to do next, but when God wants to talk to his people through David and killers track them down, can David and his mom overcome their fears to find what God wanted for them all along?


A Christian inspirational work, “God Whisperer” weaves a couple of stories together. The first is that of David’s experiences as God talks to him, and uses him to heal and help those around him. The second deals with why Lonnie and David are on the run and what happened between Lonnie and Mark. The romance is a slight background thread as most of the plot deals with belief in God, and how the choices of two individuals affect those around them. While the plot threads are interesting, the cut and dried solution to the killers keep the story as a whole a light read. Overall, it’s an inspirational Christian read.


Sarah E. Bradley