Glimpse, The Angel Shot

Stephen B.

Patricia Holmes, a criminal psychologist, and Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy are tasked with investigating the Major Crimes Unit for a possibly mishandled case. They have successfully worked together in the past and hunted down serial killers; however, their affair not only took a toll on their marriages, the last serial killer also harmed both of their spouses. Pat and Rick are immediately disliked by those in the Unit, including Pat’s current partner, one of the investigators of the failed investigation. Once they begin to dig, a new murder is discovered that reveals that the falsely imprisoned man is serving time for what may be an ongoing serial crime. If Pat and Rick can work through their past, they may catch their next serial killer.

“Glimpse, The Angel Shot” is a fascinating premise that will have readers question who to trust when out on the town. Unfortunately, the lackluster thriller-opening experience is dragged down as the story begins at a creeping pace with super long backstory which may have been better served as woven throughout the captivating serial killer storyline. The Jolly character adds a great psychological creepy spin to Rick’s story, but does not make any sense when he somehow makes a phone call between characters. Pat and Rick’s investigative abilities create the true thriller environment, along with the inner thoughts of the killer. Readers will need to keep their lights on while trying to guess who the real killer is in “Glimpse, The Angel Shot”. Wonderfully chilling for fans of scary stories.

Moira Wolf