Gina Takes Bangkok

S. M.

Gina is a mafia princess, inept receptionist, and psychic shopper. With this in mind, it isn’t unusual that the store she happens to be tending has a car burst through the front window. The adventure begins with Gina dragging the driver out of the car and killing a series of bad guys. Gina flees with her rescued god-sister back to Thailand where her semi-retired crime lord dad resides. She hasn’t seen her father for the past ten years since she has disassociated from him and the family business. This is when things really heat up with killer for hire Kannon and Gina’s plan to make him her plaything. Throw in rescuing  her god-sister’s father and taking over her ailing father’s bordello ring as a few more things on her ever lengthening to-do list.


“Gina Takes Bangkok” is a twist between a thriller and romantic suspense with plenty of gun battles in between. And, even though the story starts in New York, the majority of the novel is set in modern day Thailand, thus the title. It introduces an original heroine with a twist on a familiar plot line.  Yet, Gina’s character is hard to accept as a credible. A woman who fails to be a mediocre receptionist is suddenly able to assume a crime lord position? Believability aside, the writing is witty, fast-paced and enjoyable. 

Morgan Wyatt