Genuine Fake


Gemma Bellini, a free-spirited artist has a great life. Unfortunately, things aren’t as perfect as they should be. Famous paintings done by her own grandfather keep disappearing; worst of all, Gemma’s best friend and fellow artist is missing. Gemma hires Boyd Kirby, a Devlin Security operative, to help find her pal. To Boyd, Gemma is a duty; however, when her life is threatened, the assignment to find Gemma’s buddy takes a back seat, and she is his most important priority. Gemma is determined to find her companion even risking her life. Boyd will do anything to keep Gemma safe, which cuts into her fun-loving lifestyle. Boyd has a lot to undertake to save Gemma at all costs, but love doesn’t always play fair and could ruin the best laid plans.

This is definitely a heart-stopping, thrilling romantic suspense story that is a delight! Though it starts a little slowly and drags at times, eventually the action picks up. The story feels as if something is missing, with ideas that don’t really connect since it’s part of a series. Although the book can stand alone, to truly understand what is going on readers may want to read the other books. The writing here is crisp, and the characters are wonderfully drawn which lifts the narrative. Gemma, the mirthful naïve heroine, really grows throughout the novel. It really doesn’t seem that she and Boyd have anything in common, yet opposites do attract. Boyd, the severe somber hero, is quite swoon-worthy too. “Genuine Fake” is a fun mash-up between The Thomas Crown Affair and The Bodyguard, with a unique twist that is utterly enjoyable!

Roslynn Ernst