The Garden (Epitaph #7)


Brian Benson has taken on a new job as a horticulturist at a local tourist destination called Haley Gardens. He is pretty sure that as the new guy his initiation period will be multiple pranks at his expense. However, when pranks turn and are aimed at Gwen Haley, the situation turns deadly. Gwen's grandparents created the gardens. They often visit Gwen in ghostlike form and people think she is crazy. Now Brian is also seeing them and they seem to be giving him special messages and instructing him to take care of Gwen. Too many close calls with her life have Brian making reports to the police. Will Gwen gain her inheritance or will she fall prey to the people trying to keep her from it? 

“The Garden” is an engaging read from the very start. The plot has many twists that will continue to keep the reader engrossed and curious for the conclusion. The characters are all very well drawn and the villain is hard to pinpoint, which adds more drama and curiosity for readers. The relationship between hero and heroine is sweet although not unique. The "threatened heiress" trope is somewhat common, but Ms. Brandenburg's portrayal is an enjoyable journey for readers. This is part of a series and does stand alone. Readers should look for this series and add to your favorites.

Viola Robins