Gambler's Choice


Becca MacQuaid crossed the pond to find a horse - an equine soul mate. At an event with a friend, she sees the horse she wants - however his owner, Austen Heath, informs her that the horse is not for sale. Not to be deterred, by a man whose title is Baron of Hampton, Becca decides to stay in England to wear down his resolve. The last thing she expected was to find herself in the middle of a mystery. Austen seems to be hiding something, and as their friendship grows, so does the danger. When an unexpected accident injures Austen and threats lurk around every corner of Hampton Hall, Becca knows she must delay her return to the States. When she knows not who she can trust, will the danger become too great? 

Horseback riding mixed with the quirky traditions of British high society with an old mystery from the Baron's past thrown in set the stage for this mystery. The reader is given a lot of background information to digest rather quickly. The first initial chapters are filled with descriptions of equestrian events, stature and value of horses, and explanations of event etiquette. When reading a mystery, one knows to expect the beginning to lay the seeds for the developing whodunit, but the length of time used to accomplish this task grew monotonous. The story picked up in speed and intrigue midway through the novel leaving this reader thrilled and content. The pacing is the only drawback to what becomes a captivating web of deceit, rage, and revenge.

Amy Willis