Front Line (Phantom Force #3)


Nicholas “Colt” Colton returns from his latest mission only to set out again to meet an informant about a possible domestic terrorist threat. Unfortunately, his meeting goes south as armed gunmen infiltrate the building where he’s supposed to meet Joey. Coming to the assistance of a beautiful reporter, and the rest of the building’s occupants, Colt finds himself becoming increasingly intrigued as the reporter maintains her calm through it all, while trying to keep his focus and stop the shooters. Josephine “Joey” Summers is more than impressed with Colt, but convincing him to trust her without proof to support her theory may take more time than they have. With terrorists on the move, and little more to go on than gut feelings and circumstantial evidence, it will take some luck and a ton of courage to let go of their pasts and trust one another in time to stop a huge disaster.


The third book in the Phantom Force series, “Front Line” can be read as a stand-alone, but picks up right after the conclusion of the previous book. A fast-paced military and spy thriller, this story begins and ends with a bang. Although the plot is somewhat predictable, the action is engaging and balanced slightly by slight light romance. The romance itself borders almost on insta-love after some deeper discussions about loss, which does come a bit too quickly, but still provides some nice variety to the tale. Overall, this is an excellent read for fans of contemporary thrillers.


Sarah E Bradley