The Frenchman

Buls Boudreau

The Frenchman couldn’t believe he was out here in the desert waiting for Dewey to bring him the money they had stolen from a wealthy businessman. Impatient, edgy and hating the fact that he must rely on anyone else, he finally decides to go wait in the house where they were supposed to rendezvous.  
Lily and her children were doing their best to survive in this isolated desert house. Things are getting desperate, though, and gophers are becoming their only meat and means of survival. Lily knows she must take her children away from here and the abuse of Dewey but without even a car, she has no way to escape. Then the Frenchman arrives.  He comes to wait for Dewey but as the days pass, and he gets to know Lily, a wonderful bond  between them slowly begins to develop.  What will he do with this woman and her children? How will he handle Dewey when he returns?

Boudreau reels the reader into this quirky tale of two misfits bonding and building a relationship that feels like family and, if explored, could endure just about anything. One is drawn so subtely into their story that, as events escalate, the reader can’t help but anxiously wait and hope while turning those pages! Despite the blows that life has dealt the Frenchman and Lily, the deep and undeniable human need to be loved and wanted is explored in such beautiful tones that the reader truly believes love really can overcome all!  Bravo, Ms. Boudreau!


Rose Mary Espinoza