French Crossing


French Crossing is an unexciting sleepy little place, until a movie production invades the plantation where Ryann McKenna and her family have lived for generations. Ryann has always done what is expected of her but when she meets actor/director Jordan Cade her life is flipped upside down. He awakens all her suppressed dreams and longings. Yet daydreams of love turn into a nightmarish reality as arson and murder plague the movie production. Someone is out to destroy Jordan, and with him Ryann’s chance for happiness.

Ms. Smith’s narrative provides a rich and fresh backdrop to her story. Her prose draws the reader into French Crossing with an immediacy that makes for great reading. The story relies heavily on exposition to provide characterization instead of letting it develop naturally through the story arc. The main characters are interesting and complex; however, the antagonist is one-dimensional. This is unfortunate as it results in less tension for the reader as it becomes obvious who is behind various events in the plot. “French Crossing" also relies on a few tired romance tropes (such as misunderstanding between the characters) to propel the narrative forward.  Nonetheless, Ms. Smith introduces some unexpected surprises along the way. The author’s extensive research is evident as she describes the movie-making process and incorporates it seamlessly into the story.  “French Crossing” is a fully enjoyable read.

Gwenellen Tarbet