Forging Forgiveness


Candace Cooper, a college professor, was taking a run through the state park one night when she stumbled upon a scary scene. There were bloody footprints in the snow, two gunshots, and a man with a rifle watching her. When she speaks with the police, she is told she was hallucinating and that there was nothing unusual in the woods. However, she knows what she saw and will not stop until she figures it out. She works closely with Detective Aiden Farrell as they begin to unravel the mystery of that night. However, as Candace gets too close to the supposed crime, will she be put in danger?

C. B. Clark certainly knows how to create suspense and it is evident in “Forging Forgiveness”. The suspense starts right off the bat as Candace finds herself running from a grizzly man in the woods, and despite the local police department disregarding her story, she knows something was not right that night. As the story progresses and the mystery unfolds, the suspense heightens as each missing person is found: alive or dead. Candace has steady character development throughout; she starts out as a scared woman holding on to hope that her sister is still alive, and transitions into a fierce woman who no longer wants to play victim. The mild romance between Detective Farrell and Candace is slow and suppressed, as it should be for a woman who is a suspected target of a serial killer. This novel will have readers forgetting to breathe as they watch this nail-biting story unfold.

Sadie Wilson