Forever Grace (Ever After #2)


Grace Daniels is hiding out. After her sister Julianna is beaten and left comatose, Grace takes on the responsibility of caring for her sister's four children. Vowing to keep them safe from the clutches of their father, she seeks respite at the home of a friend. The quiet is soon interrupted by the arrival of Sean McKittrick, an injured police officer who owns the cottage next door. Longing for adult conversation, Grace strikes up a mutually beneficial arrangement with Sean. His police instinct on high alert, Sean knows there is more to the story than what Grace has shared. Unwilling to burden him with the truth, Grace’s main concern is to protect the children, but can she safeguard her heart at the same time?


 “Forever Grace” is a genuine and charming tale that is deeply emotional and heart-achingly romantic. Linda Poitevin has written a convincing story with realistic, empathetic characters that keeps the reader engaged until the very end. Grace is strong and capable, but also stressed out and under pressure. Her counterpart Sean McKittrick is the kind of man every little girl dreams of marrying someday. With a fluid writing style and well-grounded descriptions, Ms. Poitevin does a wonderful job portraying the mental and emotional exhaustion Grace is suffering from. The only drawback stems from the fact that the characters meet and fall in love in a week's time. Overall, this book is a winner that is a skillful blend of romance and suspense. The reader won’t be disappointed!


Chantel Hardge