Flaming Retribution


Shy writer Kendall Roberts never dreamed her life would be on the line after she attends an all-male review show to research a book she is writing. Skye Falcon finds himself interested in the woman who attends his club alone and sits by herself, but when they are both later attacked and devastating chaos ensues, he vows to help keep her safe.  But can Skye keep both of them safe or is his behavior suspect for the random acts of violence?

A sweet but steamy fast paced tale, “Flaming Retribution” is great for a poolside treat or accompaniment for airport traveling.  Readers may be left with unanswered questions regarding Kendall’s career as not enough information about her career as an author is revealed, not even as what the loss of her personal belongings means to her future.  Skye’s curious occupations and his financial independence may give readers pause in the believability arena as to his profession of male dancer given his other stellar attributes.  While this is a “sweet” telling, readers may need a word of caution regarding the heinous crimes that lead to this plot twist.  The mysterious crime wave which draws Kendall and Skye together results in an ending readers will not see coming.

Jordyn Teel