At First Sight - Global Security Unlimited 1


What happens when you bump into the someone you've fantasized about for 20 years? This is the question Max Grant and Cress Taylor are asking themselves when they cross paths once again in Chicago, and they realize their first encounter was at Oxford University in 1993 when Cress ran her bicycle into Max on campus. Though the past incident was brief, it left a lasting impression on them both, and the leftover embers are quickly ignited in present day. Cress becomes a successful writer of historical fiction, gaining a stalker who sends disturbing texts. Max is now a cyber security executive after tragedy forces him to leave his MI6 post. Will secrets of their pasts keep them from finding happiness, or will Cress be snatched from Max's arms by her stalker?

With romance and suspense aplenty "At First Sight" is a story of missed opportunities and second chances worth fighting for! Cress and Max both have life experiences giving them relevant reasons to steer clear of relationships and possible heartbreak; but all the more reason to know a leap of faith might be called for! Friends and family provide interesting highlights integral to the storyline, as they also do enough to make readers want to know more about their lives. Irredeemable characters provide enemies readers will see as dark, suspicious, and despicable villains, with a little bit of cray-cray added to the mix. Chicago’s ambiance provides the perfect backdrop to help readers envision the story within. Sharon Michalove takes the hindsight fantasy of what may have been and polishes it up with a thrilling dose of it's clear to see, we were meant to be. 

Tonya Mathenia