A Fire Within


Rebecca Standish’s life is turned upside down when a charred body shows up, and her own sense of well-being is threatened. Kirk Adams is a Chicago Firefighter with only one regret in his life: losing Rebecca. When he learns her life is endangered, he vows to do anything to protect her. He has to find out who is behind the murders, and how to stop this person before he hurts anyone else; especially when he starts to believe Rebecca is next on the killer’s list. 


Kirk and Rebecca are both well-developed characters with their own sets of flaws, and they are more realistic for the portrayal.  They share a past, which complicates their relationship, but they have instant chemistry and soon learn to look past certain issues and to the future. 


The plot is engaging, and fast-paced, making the reader want to read on, and keep on turning the pages. The writing is solid, and leaves plenty of room for character development, despite the book being only slightly more than one hundred pages. However, the book lacked suspense in crucial areas, which one would guess comes from the length of the book, leaving it not enough time to establish sufficient suspense before reaching the climax. The cover doesn’t really do the book justice. It’s an entertaining story featuring two interesting main characters, some fun secondary characters, and a plot that’ll easily leave the reader guessing.


Majanka Verstraete