Fire Setters: A Shane Investigations Book 1


Private Investigator Candice Shane is on a stakeout at a friend’s home. The friend suspects there is a stalker that visits nightly. Just as the stalker appears at the house, a squad car pulls up behind Candice’s car. While she immediately gives chase in attempt to catch the toad harassing her friend, she’s also being chased. She finds herself running from a cop, but not any cop. She recognizes the voice as her ex-boyfriend Alex.  This initial encounter leads to a conversation in his vehicle when she sees smoke at a nearby house. They approach and see flames engulfing the front of the home. With a tricycle in the yard, there is no stopping them from helping the family that may be inside. Will one fire lead to more, and will the clues start to add up for the Phoenix based duo looking for answers?

Ms. Erfert has written a hot thriller in “Fire Setters.” This story starts out with high drama and suspense that does not ease up. Readers will be so engrossed in this book that the pages will not stop turning to the end. The plot is well done with a cast of characters that are woven in at an accurate pace. The amount of trouble that finds Candice is a bit overly done, and the number of injuries she sustains seems somewhat unrealistic. However, with all that, the bigger crimes taking place are all very well drawn. This book will surprise readers on many levels, and readers will be looking for more from this author!

Viola Robins