Fire Dancer (Miranda's Rights #4)


Miranda Steele is on her honeymoon to Maui with her new husband, Parker. They have both agreed to put work on hold and there will be no mystery solving on this trip - no matter what happens. What Parker neglects to tell Miranda is that he is working on a private project while they are vacationing that concerns the daughter she gave up for adoption decades before. While having a luau dinner one night, the fire dancer seems familiar to Miranda. The next day, she finds that same dancer dead. She feels a bond to this young man and suddenly she is embroiled in the mystery behind his death.


This is a fun novel with a beautiful setting. One can easily imagine being in Hawaii as the story unfolds. Unfortunately, the more the story unfolds, the more missing words are revealed in sentences, which greatly detract from what would otherwise be a great story. There are other passages which drag and add nothing to the progression of the story. Miranda and Parker are a volatile couple which makes for some interesting reading. They have deep feelings and are not afraid of expressing themselves. The plotline is unique, however, and makes one want to try other stories in this series of mysteries.


Belinda Wilson