Finding the Way Back

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Hazel Baker is a nurse working for the Agency.  When they ask her to take home and nurse a field agent traumatized by capture and torture she agrees, after making sure he is no danger to her four-year-old daughter, Ellie.  While Hazel is fully confident she can heal his physical injuries, she’s not as confident she can help with his mental ones.  However, her compassionate nature compels her to try.

Ian Grant was one of the best field agents the Agency had until he was captured and tortured nearly beyond his endurance. When he finds out the Agency left him with his captors in the hopes he would gain more intel he has to deal with the betrayal of the very people he counted on to have his back.  He is barely hanging onto his sanity as his mind constantly plays out the torture he suffered. Since he can’t or won’t talk for debriefing he is both relieved and wary at being sent to recoup at Hazel’s house. She works for the Agency, so is he truly safe with her and Ellie or is it just a ploy to get him to reveal what he knows? Only with a giant leap of faith will he find out.

Hazel and Ian’s dilemma grabs the reader’s attention from the very start. The plot is interesting, the characters well-developed, the villains insidious and the writing smooth. It’s heart-wrenching to watch Ian battle his inner demons in an effort to protect Hazel, Ellie and himself.  Considering the genre this book is classified under, more suspense was expected.  Still, one can’t help but cheer wholeheartedly for Ian to beat his demons and once again save the day. An outstanding read!  

Carol Conley