Finding Sheba (An Omar Zagouri Thriller)

Heather B.

Omar Zagouri couldn't possibly realize how stumbling upon an unknown tomb in Jerusalem would affect his entire world.  Working as an undercover Israeli agent, he is used to danger, but this seemingly small find sets off a series of events that even he could never imagine.  Suddenly Omar finds himself fighting to stay alive, while protecting the one woman he can never forget, the very same woman who does not want him.


Meanwhile, Jade is planning a trip to Egypt to finish research on the elusive Queen of Sheba for her master's thesis when she is informed her mentor and professor is dead.  She, too, is thrown into a labyrinth of intrigue and evil that she has no capabilities to prepare for.  Is the handsome young archaeologist who befriends her part of the evil or fighting for good?


After a rather slow and somewhat confusing start while all the diverse characters are introduced, this story suddenly ratchets up the suspense and dives into a thrill of a ride!  Three separate story lines run parallel while each follows the course to discover the truth - none aware of the others, yet all intricately tied.  The most intriguing is that of the Queen of Sheba herself.  Her story pulls the reader in immediately with emotion and soon becomes the star of the show.  Ms. Moore handles the historical data so well that the reader is left scouring old tomes to learn more!  The modern day romance aspects fall short with too little addressed but the sheer force of the ride is enough to satisfy even the most demanding thrill seeker!


Ruth Lynn Ritter