Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

No Chance in Hell

Chris Holland’s life has turned into a nightmare. Not only did she find the body of her brutally-killed sister, but the murderer is now stalking her. Since the police can’t help, she turns to Lost and Found, Inc. for help.


Bobby Goode is riding high.  His comedy act is smokin’ and hes got the world by the tail.  B

Tony and Evo Pernicano must leave their home to survive the general meltdown of society in a future world gone awry.

Missing Clayton

Five-year-old Clayton Kingsley is supposed to be experiencing his first day at school.  Things change when a stranger offers him a piece of chocolate, promising more in his vehicle parked a short distance away.


After the death of her grandmother, artist Jenny Kinley is forced to leave New York to see whats to be done with the art camp her grandparents used to run. The problem?