Finding Faith (A Time for Love, Book Two)


Looking up through tear stained eyes Lindsey Ericsson sees her past walk through her front door. Rory Sanders, team leader for CARD (Child Abduction Rapid Deployment) has arrived to help find her daughter Faith, who has been kidnapped from her room in the middle of the night. 


Lindsey left Rory after his descent into the bottle while dealing with a horrific serial child murder case. Will they both be able to set the past aside to find the one who kidnapped their daughter? Lindsey needs to tell Rory that Faith is his, but can she? Will they find Faith in time, especially when Rory realizes the kidnapping has more to do with the case that caused his downward spiral, and the reason Lindsey left him?


“Finding Faith” has a ton of potential to be a five star read. A few content editing errors should be addressed. The story itself is a bit unbelievable in certain aspects. Rory and Lindsey have a past, but if one is a parent whose child has been kidnapped one would not be having sex - one would find oneself curled up in a ball, unable to cope. Not to mention they haven't worked out their issues prior to being intimate again. The other aspect is that Faith comes across way older than her six years of age. With a bit more realism this story would be awesome! Ms. Loch’s character’s are full of depth and emotion, and will keep the reader invested in the story.


Lynne Bryant