Finding Euphoria


Haunting, painful secrets from her past are still causing anxiety for Hailey. Her husband’s workaholic tendencies are also making her question her marriage to her college sweetheart.  Mark Langley wonders what his wife is keeping from him but must put it aside, as his investigations into a colleague’s disappearance and a new lethal street drug, Euphoria, intensify. A demanding boss, past lovers and illegal machinations come together when Hailey’s traumatic past and secret life is uncovered. Putting both their lives in danger, she and Mark must renew their trust in each other and collaborate to ensure tainted drugs are kept off the street, their marriage doesn’t explode and neither ends up dead.  

“Finding Euphoria” is a genre-crossing story that will appeal to readers of crime, mystery or romance. C. Becker concocts an enjoyable suspenseful plot filled with secrets, betrayals, and scheming! Flawed but unique characters are written as believable people filled with angst, depth, and heroism. Readers may find the technical jargon slows the pace of the story line as their inner tongues trip over the chemical names. However, the tense action scenes are edgy and harrowing enough to make up for the drag. The love scenes are a pleasantly sensuous interlude of reawakened passion. The good guys and the villains both are used with precision to give out little hints readers may find a cunning distraction or shrewdly illuminating. Readers will find themselves enthralled by a hopeful love story of intrigue, redemption and second chances. C. Becker delivers a compelling thriller that is a leisurely adventurous ride combined with mystery, some nail-biting shenanigans, a sprinkle of romance, and explosive twists! 

Tonya Mathenia