Fight Princess


Celisse is the proverbial poor little rich girl who spurned her parents' way of life and is now living a somewhat normal existence on her own.  Anger that stems from her lot in life has led her to the underground fighting rings.  She fights men and women alike and her novelty has caught the eye of some of the top bosses, which is never a good thing.  Her normal life begins mixing with her nightlife when Cullen, a seemingly quiet guy at work, is framed for the murder of an abusive man...a man that he recently protected Celisse's best friend from.  When Cullen is being arrested, he slips Celisse a cryptic note that only piques her interest. She and Cullen begin to see how intertwined their lives are and are quickly caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with some very bad, very powerful people.

The overall tone of this story is surprisingly subdued and serious despite some intense action scenes. Even Cullen and Celisse's chemistry is understated but the love scenes are beautifully done. Cullen was the ideal match for alpha that knows when to give and when to push harder, he complimented her perfectly.  There was an uncharacteristically melodramatic scene or two that didn't quite fit with Celisse's personality but for the most part, she was one tough chick.  A villain who isn't all bad, a couple who just wants out of their line of sight, and a unique mix of brutality and tender emotions makes this an easy book to get lost in!

Nicole Duke