Fear Land


Psychiatrist Tally Rosella recently moved to San Luis Obispo, California and is writing a book about a revelation she's discovered in PTSD, which could be a major breakthrough for her military patients and their families. Living closely with her work colleagues, however, is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She gets very bad vibes from Owen Harper; in fact his brainwaves are downright scary. Tally can read minds and get a sense of someone's true feelings toward her. Luckily Major Cole Messer is one of the good guys, although she is having a hard time keeping her relationship with him professional. When a series of break ins, a murder and a kidnapping take place she knows her days are numbered.


“Fear Land” is a little hard to follow in the beginning, simply because the reader must digest all of the facts and get a sense of just where this story is headed. Once that is established, it twists and turns and has the reader hanging on for the ride. The characters are very intricate, plunging the reader once again deeper into the story and wanting to know just what makes these people tick. Tally is smart and strong while Cole is a dedicated soldier trying to put the pieces of his life back together. Their romance never goes beyond a withheld desire but does add a small sense of bonding in their relationship adding some appeal. Overall, a well written story that shows great attention to detail and will have suspense lovers glued to each page.


Margaret Faria